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Theresa Feeney

10 августа 2017 в 21:26

Last year my sister got me the Quantum frame/stand and I love using both. I recently ordered the 30 inch scroll so I can do bigger projects like Chatelaines and I am very happy with the quality and service I received from Anton. Thank you for such a great product!

Betty Sheppard

22 июля 2017 в 16:03

Thank you very much for the fast service. I received the frame yesterday and am really pleased with it. Can hardly wait to get started on the next project. Thank you too for the chocolate - it was delicious.

Janet Coker

16 июля 2017 в 2:59

I have several quantum frames and love them! The customer service is wonderful and I love the workmanship of Omanik's products.


13 июля 2017 в 20:23

hallo, how can I order cross-stich organizer for 2 Pako things? I live in Moscow.



Напишите пожалуйста на



Maggie Huot

4 апреля 2017 в 22:37

I received my first quantum frame about a month ago. Beautifully built and I love my frame. I am now ordering a larger frame. Anton was very good in answering all my questions and always a prompt reply. I will tell all my friends about the Olmanik frames and wonderful customer service and support.


26 марта 2017 в 14:17

Дорогие Антон и Алексей! На днях я получила свой станок. Это волшебство! )) Говорят, что счастья не купишь, а я вот купила у Вас свой кусочек счастья)) Вы кудесники - всё роскошно - и сам станок и рамы вообще прекрасны! натяжка прям звенит. Всем увлеченным вышивкой хочу посоветовать - девочки, если у вас еще есть сомнения, отбросьте их. хотя это далеко не дешевое удовольствие, но приобретя такой станочек и рамы, вы не на секунду не пожалеете о приобретении. Большое вам спасибо, МАСТЕРА! Желаю вам еще очень долго радовать людей своими, не постесняюсь сказать, произведениями искусства! Мира вам и добра! С уважением Людмила Алматы Казахстан

Saretta Nelson

24 февраля 2017 в 4:53

Received my frames today and just loved them, they were easy to load and tension is great! I Great customer service. I will be ordering again

Shari Burkett

22 февраля 2017 в 1:31

I received my new Quantum frame today and I love it!!! the tension is amazing. Thank you for such an amazing, well made product.

Carol O'Neill

4 ноября 2016 в 20:41

My Quantum frame arrived this week. I LOVE IT. Thank you so much. I will buy more Quantum parts soon. Can you tell me what the sizes are for the three side bar options. Can you tell me in inches? I appreciate it. Thank you.

Wanda Roth

7 сентября 2016 в 20:33

Just got my two frames today and getting ready to start stitching. Orietta has done such a fine job on You Tube showing us the putting together of the frame. And throughly enjoyed seeing her visit to Anton and his Dad and a chance to see the factory. Already I love this frame these guys do good work and HIGHLY recommend the product as well as the service. Thank you Anton and Dad, Regards, WandaRoth

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